Monday, January 18, 2010

New jj Sounds Exactly Like Last Year's jj...Thank God

So jj apparently recorded a new album in what kind of seems like secrecy after somewhat of a breakout year. To tell you the truth, both of these songs sound like they could have been right on their last album, and considering I thought that they had probably the most underrated album of the year in '09, I'm pretty happy about this. They even go back to mixing in Lil' Wayne into what's an awesome track called "My Way." To tell you the truth, jj is kind of what Moby could and should have probably evolved into if he hadn't of turned into this radically liberal, attention-seeking, Fatboy Slim wannabe deusch, that makes about one good track every seven or eight years. They're relaxing, original, and their entire sound just comes off extremely natural to the listener.