Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Favorite Albums of the 2000's: #3

TV on the Radio: Return the Cookie Mountain

The most creative piece of work from the best all-around band that the 00's produced. If you can't find something to like on either this LP or its follow-up (Dear Science), you're simply soulless. Regardless, you've got to love an album named after a level from Super Mario World. It's filled from top to bottom with vocals bordering on perfection, power riffs, and production work that is second to none. This album is so good that even David Bowie makes a guest appearance for some background vocals on Province. Fucking Bowie dude.

Wolf Like Me


Tonight (Just a side-note, a fun part of me doing this list, which I totally did not plan on, is that I've discovered something I never really explored before; user-made Youtube music videos. Some of them have been really, really good. I enjoyed this one a lot).

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