Monday, October 12, 2009

My Ten Favorite Albums of the 2000's. #10

Everyone loves lists. No matter what the topic is, everyone always stops and at least has a second or two of interest when they see that some random person on the internet has ranked something. So, I've decided to do these over the next few weeks, because I want to be that guy.

To start, these aren't, what I believe to be, the BEST albums. Judging whether an album is an all-time great isn't and loving it aren't mutually exclusive. I'll probably do some rankings in that context towards year's end, but this one is just going to be my favorites from the decade. Anyone who knows me already knows what #1 is going to be, but the other 9 should be fun to do anyways.

So, away we go...

#10. Sonic Youth - Murray Street

Daydream Nation is great and all, I respect it for its influence and the stamp it made on rock in general, but Murray Street is Sonic Youth at their best. It's got Renaldo's best song in the entire history of the band in Karen Revisted, and he and Thurston have never sounded as beautiful in all the years they've played together throughout the entire album.

So, as usual, onto la musica:

Karen Revisted

Disconnection Notice

Rain on Tin

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